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A EICR test is an inspection of the fixed wired electrical system

A EICR test is an inspection of the fixed wired electrical system within a property, building or premises. It is carried out by a certified electrician who uses a variety of testing equipment to ensure that the wiring and circuits meet current safety standards. It is a legal requirement for businesses, landlords and homeowners to carry out regular EICR tests in order to fulfil their electrical safety obligations.

The results of an EICR test are detailed in a certificate that is issued by the certified electrician who carried out the inspection. It includes a list of all of the circuits and devices that were tested and the pass/fail result of each one. It also includes details of any items that were deemed to be a potential risk and recommendations on how to fix them. The test itself is carried out using a visual inspection of the consumer unit (fuse board), wiring and sockets as well as dead testing and live testing of various parts of the circuits.

In the dead testing stage, the certified electrician disconnects the electricity supply to each of the circuits in your home or business. They then run a series of checks, including an insulation resistance test and polarity test, which help to identify any possible issues with the system. The test also checks that the system will disconnect quickly in an emergency situation, by carrying out RCD testing on more modern electrical systems.

When a fault is found during an EICR test, the certified electrician will use their knowledge to recommend any remedial work that needs to be done in order to correct it. This can include replacing damaged cables and fixing faulty sockets, switches and light bulbs. In some cases, it may also be necessary to upgrade the fuse board or install new wiring.

EICR tests are vital for homeowners, landlords and businesses. They help to identify any problems with the electrical system before they turn into dangerous faults that could cause fires and other accidents. The EICR test also helps to keep energy bills down by ensuring that the electrics are working efficiently.

It is recommended that homeowners have an EICR test every ten years and it is essential for landlords to get their properties tested before they let them out to tenants. If a tenant is injured by a faulty electrical system, the insurance company will ask the landlord for proof that regular safety checks were carried out. This will be more difficult to provide if the EICR test has not been completed.

It is a good idea for landlords to send their tenants a memo before the EICR test begins to explain how long it will take and that they should expect some disruption during this time. The landlord should also tell them what areas of the electrical system will be inspected and why this is so. This will help to ease any concerns that the tenants may have and make them more relaxed about the process.

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