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Combining Essential Oils and Teas For a Super-Boosted Beneficial Effect

Essential Oils are getting a lot of attention in the media right now but have been used for centuries to boost health. When combined with tea they have a super-boosted beneficial effect and can taste delicious too!

Tea has been a beloved drink for centuries Herbs & Natural Products Australia all over the world for its medicinal properties. Tea helps with a number of health problems from stress to digestion. Tea is also very soothing on a sore stomach and is often recommended to relieve menstrual cramps. Tea can also help to improve sleep quality, reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

Essential oils are bottled plant extracts and are made by steaming or pressing plants to trap the aromatic compounds responsible for their fragrance. These oils can be inhaled, applied topically or mixed with other ingredients to create a massage or bath product. They can be found in perfumes, household cleaners, and food flavorings. There is some evidence that certain essential oils may help with specific health issues such as reducing anxiety, improving mood, easing nausea and pain, and alleviating headaches or migraines.

It’s important to remember that essential oils are highly concentrated and may cause serious health problems when they are misused. For example, if you apply too much, it can burn or irritate the skin. If you have young children, be sure to keep your essential oils locked away and out of their reach.

YOGI TEA For the Senses uses high-quality, certified organic lemon balm tea leaves and adds a few drops of high-quality certified pure essential oil to enhance the experience. The lemon balm essential oil is cold pressed from the leaf to preserve the therapeutic benefits of this herb. It has a bright citrus aroma that is invigorating, refreshing and supportive of mindfulness.

When using essential oils, make sure you use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Many different varieties of essential oils exist, and they all have unique healing properties. For instance, esters have a relaxing effect, while ketones soothe, balance, loosen tension and are spasmolytic. Examples of essential oils containing esters include roman chamomile and bergamot. Oxides have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects. Peppermint essential oil contains a high level of oxidative aldehydes, while Ravintsara essential oil contains a higher level of oxidative ketone.

The odor molecules from these oils travel through the olfactory nerves to the limbic system in the brain, which controls emotions and memories. This is why a whiff of your favorite perfume can bring back a memory in an instant. But when it comes to essential oils, it’s a good idea to speak with your integrative medicine expert before trying them. They have become extremely popular and heavily marketed, and some can interfere with medications or cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. It’s best to view them as a complement to your regular wellness routine, not as a magic bullet.

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