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Flatbed Trucking

If you’ve ever wondered what a flatbed trucker does, you’re not alone. While dry vans and refrigerator trucks can transport many types of cargo, these vehicles do not have the space to transport large items. Therefore, flatbed trucks are vital for a variety of industries. Read on to learn more about the job description, physical demands, rewards, and dangers of this type of trucking.

Physical demands

Flatbed trucking is a physically demanding profession. The physical demands are especially high when loading oversized loads. Drivers must be flexible and strong to handle the weight of the load. They must also be able to lift at least 75 pounds over their heads. They must also have excellent balance.

The physical demands of flatbed trucking also include careful handling of cargo. The driver must be especially careful when loading and parking the vehicle. While dry van drivers can secure their cargo with a lock, they do not have that luxury in flatbed trucking.


The nature of flatbed trucking exposes drivers to many dangers. Drivers of flatbed trucks are often exposed to greater risks of life-threatening collisions and injuries than drivers of regular trucks. Their oversized cargo can block a driver’s vision and prevent them from seeing hazards. These hazards can lead to catastrophic accidents. It is essential that drivers and passengers pay attention to the signs and regulations that govern the trucking industry.

The surface of a flatbed trailer is slippery, and attempting to climb on or off it can be a dangerous endeavor. A fall from a flatbed trailer can result in serious injury and require hospitalization. It can also result in legal action, medical expenses, and loss of income. It is critical that employers put safety first and provide proper equipment for drivers.


Flatbed trucking rewards go beyond the usual cash incentives. The drivers of these trucks often enjoy more home time. Many companies even offer split bonuses for drivers who go above 3,000 miles per week. They can even earn money for helping their flatbed teams load and secure freight. However, there flatbed trucking are also risks associated with this type of trucking.

Being a flatbed truck driver requires you to follow certain rules and regulations. These include knowing proper loading and weight limits, as well as driving safely. But despite all these requirements, you’ll find that flatbed trucking rewards the driver with a satisfying job.

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