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SEO For Window Tinters

Getting found online is crucial for window tinters. This type of service is particularly niche, so a website that caters to local searchers is essential. SEO for window tinting involves many of the same techniques as SEO for other local businesses, but window tinters must also take special considerations for the unique business model. With the right strategies, window tinters can establish a strong web presence and begin receiving inquiries from interested customers.

Website design

A successful window tinting business needs a modern website¬† design. Action Window Tinting was struggling with an outdated, poorly managed website that didn’t rank well in Google and broke often. The website was also not scalable with the business’ growth. Action Window Tinting needed a professional, SEO-savvy team to build them a new website that would attract new customers. Fortunately, they came to us for help. Metro Nova Creative worked with Action Window Tinting to build a mockup and design for their new site.

Schema markup

When building a website for a window tinting business, it is critical to create the right Schema markup. This will allow Google to display your contact information prominently on the search results. Schema markup is a simple, one-time process.

Local search traffic

Local search traffic for window tinters is a valuable source of business for window tinting and paint protection film businesses. As consumer awareness of window tint and paint protection film continues to rise, local SEO is an excellent way to capitalize on this growing opportunity. With local SEO, you can increase your visibility in the local market, grow your customer base, and expand your brand.


The right Schema can help you rank higher on the SERPs for keywords related to your business. It can be useful for anything from toy stores to medical dose schedules. According to Google, websites that use schema markup typically rank four positions higher in the SERPs than those that do not. However, it is important to note that schema markup is not 100 percent responsible for better rankings. Google only displays rich snippets on about a third of search results.

SEO audit

There are many components to a window tinting SEO audit. First, you need to identify your stakeholders and resources. Next, you need to determine the target date range for your SEO audit. You can use multiple tools for this process, such as Ahrefs or Screaming Frog, and focus on specific issues such as Copyscape and duplicate content. Small SEO Tools can also help you monitor your keyword density.

‘Near me’ searches

Window tinters rely on ‘near me’ searches to drive traffic to their business. You can increase your exposure to these customers by optimizing your Google Business Profile and third-party directory listings. This will increase phone calls and lead form submissions, and enable customers to contact you directly without driving long distances. Moreover, optimizing these listings will increase the visibility of your business on local search results, including on Google Maps.

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