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Traveling From Denver to Moab on the Rocky Mountaineer Train

You can travel from Denver to Moab on the Rocky Mountaineer train. The trip takes you along the Colorado River through the canyons and past the Gross Reservoir Dam. The trip is about three hours long and offers stunning scenery. If you’d rather avoid the train, you can also take a bus to the area.

Amtrak’s SilverLeaf train

Traveling by train is a great way to explore the beautiful Colorado landscape. From Denver Union Station, passengers can catch a train to Green River. The trip takes about 12 hours. The train ticket costs around 70 USD on average. The train makes six stops during the journey.

The Silverleaf train has spacious seating that resembles that of a first-class airplane. Each Silverleaf car holds 56 passengers and has an aisle and four across seats. You can enjoy the open bar and other amenities as you travel through the Colorado landscape.

Traveling from Denver to Moab by bus

The distance between Denver and Moab is 355 miles, so a day denver to moab train trip is a great way to explore the area. There are 2 buses that run daily from Denver to Moab, and the trip takes about nine hours with 2 transfers. The cost of a ticket is typically 61 USD, but you can also save money by booking in advance.

Traveling from Denver to Moab by air is the easiest way to see the area, but you can also choose to take the bus. The bus service takes about 10 hours and is operated by United Airlines. Once in Moab, there are plenty of options to explore.

The Rocky Mountaineer train route between Denver and Moab

Traveling by Rocky Mountaineer is an excellent way to explore the Rocky Mountains without having to spend too much money. Unlike other types of transportation, the train offers plenty of legroom and chairs that recline. There are also multiple dining options and pre and post-trip excursions. Plus, you can enjoy unlimited alcoholic beverages in the lounge car.

The train trip between Denver and Moab is approximately two days long. However, it is not nearly as long as driving from Denver to Moab. The drive is about five hours long, so there is little time to stop and admire the scenery. In addition, additional costs can add up, such as parking and traffic. Also, inclement weather can slow down travel. And, planning a specific route is a time-consuming process.

Cost of the train trip

There are several benefits to traveling by train to Moab. A train trip is much shorter than driving and takes only two days. Additionally, you will have more time to stop and enjoy the scenery. If you drive, you will also have to worry about traffic and parking costs, which can take up a substantial amount of your budget. In addition, inclement weather can slow you down and require you to make more stops. Planning specific routes will also take up additional time.

The Colorado Railroad operates the Denver to Moab route, and it provides transport for luggage from the train station to your hotel. However, you should pack a daypack with a camera and binoculars for wildlife viewing. The cost of the Denver to Moab train trip starts at $1,250, which includes the train ticket, hotel and motorcoach transportation.

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