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Why You Should Hire A Licensed Lubbock Electrician

Why A Licensed Electrician

If you’re looking for an electrician Lubbock to perform electrical work in your home, you should consider hiring a licensed electrician. Licensed electricians are trained to follow strict safety codes and are required to post a bond. You can check out the requirements for becoming a licensed electrician by visiting the Electrical Contractors Board. Here, you’ll learn about some benefits of hiring a licensed electrician. You’ll also learn how to spot a licensed electrician.

Benefits of hiring a licensed electrician

Hiring a licensed electrician has many benefits. A licensed electrician is highly responsible and carries adequate insurance and bonds. He is familiar with local electrical codes, which means he can help you save money on energy costs while ensuring the safety of your structure. He can also make recommendations to keep your property safe. All of these benefits make hiring a licensed electrician an excellent choice for your home improvement project. Listed below are some benefits of hiring a licensed electrician.

A licensed electrician has access to top-quality tools and equipment. As a result, they can diagnose electrical problems much faster. Because wiring is a complicated, interdependent network, improperly designed circuits can damage electronic gear and appliance motors. Even a partially overloaded circuit can result in a fuse blowing or a breaker tripping. Hiring a licensed electrician will help you avoid these costly mistakes and keep your family safe.

Requirements to become a licensed electrician

The state requires that electricians complete two exams to be licensed. The first exam is a multiple-choice, closed-book test that tests knowledge of applicable codes and standards. Passing this exam requires a score of 70% or higher. The second exam is a practical exam that covers field parameters. The exam cost is $525. The required experience must be at least seven and a half years. A license is valid for seven years.

Apprentice electricians must have at least one year of experience in electrical construction or maintenance, as well as 80 hours of approved educational coursework. Trade school graduates may earn credit toward the apprenticeship. Journeyman electricians must work for five or more years to gain the necessary experience to become licensed. Licensed electricians must be registered by the state’s Construction Industry Licensing Board. Apprentice electricians must work for a licensed electrical contractor for five to nine years before being able to apply for a master electrician license.

Licensed electricians are required to place a surety bond

This bond protects consumers by providing them with protection from any electrical contractor’s breach of contract. A breach can involve not following state statutes or performing contractual obligations. If a claim is proven, the surety company will reimburse the damaged party. At first, the surety will cover the costs of the bond, but a claim can be very expensive. Listed below are reasons why licensed electricians need to have bond insurance:

The primary benefit of having a surety bond is that it protects both the consumer and the electrical contractor. It ensures that a licensed electrician will fulfill contractual obligations and abide by relevant laws. This bond serves as a safety net for customers, as well as an assurance that the contractor will follow state regulations. Like other surety bonds, an electrical contractor bond acts as an agreement between the electrician and the obligee (usually a state or local government), as well as the surety company that underwrites the bond.

They follow safety codes

While it is easy to hire an unlicensed electrician, it is better to hire a licensed one, since his work will impact the safety of your electrical system. Bypassing safety codes or laws will increase the risk of an electrical emergency, and you won’t have time to react if something goes wrong. Not to mention that hiring an unlicensed electrician will increase your insurance premiums. In addition to the safety factor, hiring a licensed electrician follows the proper safety codes will lower your insurance premiums, which can lead to lower premiums.

If you’re planning big changes in your home, such as adding an addition or adding a new bathroom, you’ll need to hire a licensed electrician to take care of all of the electrical work. DIY electricians may think they can tackle electrical projects on their own, but this is simply not the case. A licensed electrician has training and licensing to meet the highest industry standards, and he will always be careful not to break these codes.

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